Best Adventure games on Android 2022

If you love to play Adventure games then you come to the right place

In today's modern world, everyone wants a relaxing time with some games, and adventure game is the best choice to play for in relax time. 

Here is our best Adventure game list available on android

This is one of the best puzzle and adventure games available on the Google play store to play. It's an open-world game. You need to solve different puzzles and secrets in-game.

Ocean Horn

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Broken age is one of the best hand-animated adventure games. The game is based on two teens who struggle against different traditions that bind them. 

Broken Age

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This game has 24 levels to play in offline mode once the game is full download. You can play the game as Viking and fill your purpose and complete the different missions. 


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This is traveler adventure's best android game. This game is plan making to help your employer navigate the globe in 80days.

80 Days

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As for the game, it's one of the best story-based games with brilliant gameplay. This game story is based on a crime novel. The game takes you in the 1930s to solve mysteries.

Murder in the Alps

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