Best offline game on Android to Play

So time there is no internet or we just want to play a game without internet 

Here are the best games on android that you can play offline when no WiFi

The offline game is more fundable than online games with a unique story and challenging missions 

Dead Cells make it to our list due to HD graphics and you can select 30FPS, 60FPS, and unlimited FPS mode in the game. The game has unique challenges and storylines. 

Dead Cells 

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Love to play racing games then Horizon Chase Arcade Racing is the best offline game you can play on your mobile. With great racing mechanics and hardware. 

Horizon Chase – Arcade Racing

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My Friend Pedro Ripe for Revenge is a PC and Nintendo game. Which is now available on android. The game is free to try and can be unlocked the full title is $3.

My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge

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If you love to play winter sports games then is game is for you. In-game total of seven open-world mountains with 100+ challenges to explore the maps.

Grand Mountain Adventure

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If you like arcade-style games then you’re lucky. Super Hexagon is the best arcade-style game you can find on android. 

Super Hexagon

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