Best Survival game on Android to Play

Survival games are interesting games to play

Survival games, there are different types of games like survival from apocalyptic zombies, to war or building a city survival.

Here are the best Android survival games you can play

Crashlands is one the most unique game you can find RPG, survival, action, and adventure in one game. You need to fight bad guys and build a base and save the world from evil 


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Day R Survival is a great game to play on android. You can find tons of items on a huge map with 2,700 locations and a decent survival experience.

Day R Survival

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Last Day on Earth Survival is the most popular survival game on mobile. You need to gather resources, steal stuff, craft stuff, and fight with bad guys to survive.

Last Day on Earth: Survival

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You need to complete different challenges to stay alive as long as possible. You can find monsters, scavenge food, and craft tools to survive. 

Don't Starve

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This game brings real-world survival experience. You manage a group of civilians hiding in a war-torn city and collect resources to stay alive. 

This War of Mine

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