Rockstar's most hyped game Grand Theft Auto 6 footage has been leaked

The leaked footage is a 3.5GB RAR file containing 90 alpha testing videos named GTA 6

The video has already been taken down from youtube by a copyright strike from “Take 2 Interactive”

A user named “Teapotuberhacker” shared the leaks on a trusted gaming forum on Reddit

The leaks show a new female protagonist character named “Lucia”

According to the leaks, the game is partially set in Vice City from 2002 GTA Vice City

The game developers (Rockstar Games) confirmed to the reporter that the leaks are real

The leaks appear to be alpha testing footage and unfinished work 

It shows that the video game is in the pre-development stage and will still take years to complete

Rockstar Games will be affected by the leak and may not allow work from home to their developers anymore

The GTA 6 expected release date is late 2023 or early 2024, but it may extend up to 2025