On 13th September, Sony revealed Tekken 8 in-gameplay on PS5 at Sony’s State of Play

It revealed one of the main story fights between jin and his father Kazuya

Although the gameplay of PS5 is revealed, it is not PS exclusive

The release date of Tekken 8 is unknown but it is expected to release in late 2023

It is going to be the first mainline Tekken game since Tekken 7 released in 2017

Tekken has always been famous for its dramatic pre-rendered movies 

And it seems we are getting a ton of that in the upcoming Tekken game

 It is also confirmed that all the previous characters from Tekken 7 will be present in this upcoming game 

 After an amazing Tekken anime, we are going to get Tekken 8

All the fans are super hype about its game released