Bingo Bash Free Chips – Daily Bonus Chips – May 2024

Wondering how to get Bingo Bash free chips? Finally, you’ve come to the right place. This is an addictive monopoly game by design. It combines the thrill of playing classic monopoly as a tropic bash and monopoly bash as a brand new way to call Bingo. Unfortunately, you often have to put it down if you’re unwilling to spend cash for Bingo Bash chips. That’s understandable when as little as 20 chips will set you back £1.99 in the UK or $1.99 in the US.

Fortunately for you, there are many easy ways of getting Bingo Bash free chips today. So don’t worry about going through tough challenges to carry on playing your favorite game.

This article will guide you through 15 ways to get your hands on many free chips and gold coins in a bingo bash. If you like Roblox games then you may also want some free Roblox Promo Codes.

Bingo Bash Free Chips

Here is the list of bingo bash rewards. All the free chips links are safe to use and collected from their official Bingo Bash Facebook page. Get Bingo bash 10000 chips from our list below.

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Free Bingo Bash Chips Today

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Collect Free Bonus

Collect Free Bonus

Collect Free Bonus

We update this list daily, so save this page and regularly visit to never miss out on new free chips links.

Disclaimer: This game does not require real money to play and You will not earn real money from this game. This website does not promote any illegal or online-gambling content, all content on this site is provided solely for entertainment and education purposes.

How to play Bingo Bash

Here is an easy guide for understanding some fundamental aspects of the game.

  • Select a board to play
  • You can choose between a hat, a ship, and three more items to start playing with
  • Buy cards with chips to join the bingo round
  • Each card gives you one chance to play the board bingo
  • Collect five monopoly notes to call a bingo
  • Call Bingos by daubing a path for MR.MONOPOLY to collect money
  • Collect enough money to reach a bingo. 
  • Each bingo gives you dice to roll on the board
  • Roll the dice to move around the board and top your way to a fortune!
  • Collect money to reach milestones and win rewards

15 Ways to get Free Bingo Bash Chips

Free chips links aren’t the only way. Here are the top fifteen ways to get bingo bash free unlimited chips. 

Welcome Bonus

Get free 200 chips, 5000 coins, 50 power play, and 100 rockets points by signing up with Facebook.

Free bingo bash Rewards

Level Rewards

You can access different Bingo rooms and mini-games on a higher level, which helps you get more free chips rewards. For example, if you are on level 12, you can access mini-games; on level 25, you can play every bingo room. Every new level helps you to:

  • Unlock New tables and earn free chips by leveling up.
  • Daub numbers on bingo cards to earn XP and level up.
  • Each level gives you free bingo bash chips and other rewards.

Daily Bonus Wheel

Enjoy WINS with a daily spin wheel and get extra bingo chips, coins, power play, and all the goodies you call bingo. 

Bingo Bash Daily Wheel

Monopoly Bash

Play with Mr. Monopoly and get him the bingo board by collecting money to WIN big. Also, play with friends and family to get Free bingo bash chips.


Daub-a-thon is a league system that unlocks at level 6. Compete with other players for extra chips by playing bingo to make daub count. The first three ranks give you a lot of free chips bingo bash. 

Seasonal Bingo Pass

Complete different challenges to unlock and win amazing rewards with the premier pass unlocked at level 14. In addition, each holiday bingo bash brings unique games and gifts to get more free coins and exclusive bingo contests and sweepstakes. 

bingo bash season pass


Bingo bash offers extra FUN to play mini-games unlocked at level 12. This mod includes lucky scratchers, classic 777 slots, pull tabs, etc. Play more mini-games to grab more free bingo chips. 

Bingo Rooms

The bingo room unlocks at level 25, with Daubin’ Donuts, Merry-Sled-Go, Bun Appetit, Date Knight, Get Clucky, and more to explore. You can also play multiplayer bingo games in the bingo room and make a handsome amount of free chips bingo bash.

Fish and chips

Collect different and adorable fish in a bingo bash and customize your aquarium. Which helps you to Win exotic fish and experience a fantastic adventure! Earn free chips


Roll the dice to move around the board and Collect money when you land on a tile. Collect enough money to reach milestones and win chips. You are completing milestones upgrades your property tiles to give more money. 

  • Collect drinks or money to earn free chips. 
  • Bingos give you a drink. 
  • Tap on a customer to serve them drinks. 
  • Earn money for every customer served. 
  • Earn enough money to beat the level and win free chips. 
  • Earn up to 140 free chips per room.


Common, rare, and epic are three types of powerplay. Use power plays from your inventory to boost your gameplay.

Standard powerplays include a money cell to Get free coins when you daub on a money cell and a money bonanza to couple coun earned in a round (can be used once per round).

Rare powerplays include single daub to get one random daub on each card, a chip cell to get free chips when you daub on-chip cell, and a gift box to drop gift boxes on your card (can be used once per round).

An epic powerplay called Double daub will get you two random daubs on each card (can be used once per round).

Bingo bash power play

Tropic bash

You need to make five bashes in a row or four corner patterns to call bingo. Bingo gives you collectible drinks. Serve these drinks to win tons of free chips and coins.

Corner tiles

Landing on the corner tiles gives you a money reward. The corner tiles are just visiting, free parking, going to jail and collecting 200 salaries as you pass.

Jackpot Reward

Play in the premium table to win a jackpot for huge rewards, including free chips and gold coins on all four cards. In addition, playing in premium gives you more dice and better gift boxes.

Gift boxes

Regular, special, and premium are the three types of gift boxes. You can win free chips and rockets by opening gift boxes. Rocket daub two random numbers per card at the end of the round to increase your chance of winning free bingo bash chips.

bingo bash FAQ

FAQ about Bingo Bash Chips

If you still have any questions in your mind, here I will try to answer some of them.

How to get Bingo Bash Free Chips and Coins

You can get free bingo bash chips in different ways, such as daily wheel spins, level rewards, fish and catch, and mini-games. You can also participate in various tournaments to get bingo bash-free chips. 

How to get Free Bingo Bash Chips

Get daily bingo bash free chips from Facebook or our website. We regularly update new bingo bash free chips and bonus reward links. In addition, we collect free chips links from all over the internet. 

How to get more bingo bash free credits?

You can also play with friends and chat while playing and team up for various tournaments and earn bingo bash-free coins.

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