Dice Dreams Free Rolls 2024 (Daily Links) Free Coins

Do you need Dice dreams free rolls? This article will guide you through 12 ways to get free rolls for dice dreams. We provide you with daily dice dreams free rolls link on this page.

Dream Dice is a multiplayer social board game where you play with your friends and attack them. Free rolls on dice dreams help you build your favourite dice boards and rule the kingdom. 

You can get the free dice dreams rolls from our reward list. We collect all the dice dreams reward links from dream dice’s official social media pages like Facebook and Instagram. Remember to bookmark this page because we update these dice dreams free coins link daily, so you don’t miss out. 

Dice Dreams Free Rolls 2024

Here is the list of all the working free rolls dice dreams worth grabbing. All the dice dreams rewards are tested and safe to use. So hurry up! Grab these dice dreams unlimited rolls before they expire.

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Dice Dreams Free Rolls Today

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12 ways to get Free Rolls Dice Dreams

Dice dreams free rewards aren’t the only way to get free dice dreams rolls. Here we have collected all the legit methods available to get you free dice dreams unlimited rolls.

Welcome Bonus

Joining the game for the first time will give you 50,000 free coins, 25 free spins, and many free rolls to kick start your experience. You must log in with your Facebook account to receive your welcome bonus.

dice dreams free rolls

Roll and Dice

One of the most fun ways to get free items in the game is Roll and Dice. You can roll your dice and get exciting free rewards, including free coins, attacks, and defenders to steal from friends.

Hourly Bonus

Free dice recharge over time. You get five free dice every hour, which adds up to 50 gratis rolls every ten hours. So roll your dice as soon as they are available to avoid losing extra free dice rolls. Rolling dice is also the best way to get free coins and build your kingdom strong. 

Attack friends

You get an attack card if all three dice land on the Question mark. Attack cards allow you to invade and destroy your friends or a random person’s kingdom to take all of their money. Each building has different rewards hidden in it. Just make your aim slingshot and take revenge on those who attacked your kingdom. Perfect your slingshot time to double your prizes. The free coins increase as your card reaches a more robust level. 

Dice dreams bullseye

Your attacks can also be blocked defenders, but you still get a good amount of free coins if you hit the bullseye.


In roll and dice, you also get defenders by getting three shields on dice, which help protect your kingdom from attack. Each shield blocks one enemy attack, and you can hold a maximum of three defenders on starting levels. Roll more to protect your kingdom from enemy attacks.

Steal Money

Steal from other players or friends by rolling on their board. You can earn gold coins by stealing from other kingdoms and making their treasure yours. Remember when you steel, do not hit the bomb. Keep rolling the dice to steal coins, but hitting the bomb will destroy your dice. The number of free coins looted will also be dependent on the card level and roll boost. Getting a perfect loot will double your free coins reward as well.

dice dreams steal

Build Kingdom

Build your castle to level max and get free dice rolls. Completing the building will cost you a lot of coins, but it’s worth doing because each building will give you five free roll. There is a total of five buildings in each castle. Sometimes you get unique gifts from the max level buildings. You can build your kingdom bigger and stronger to earn more free coins. Increasing your game level will help you protect your kingdom from lower-level players. 

Watch Ads

You can earn dice dreams free rolls and coins by watching short video ads and going into the menu. But watch and earn video ads are not always available. You may get it once every 24 hours. Set your reminder to harvest this opportunity daily.

Join The Party

If you are lucky enough in roll and dice to hit three Free on dice, you will get ten free party dice. Party dice offer free coins, gems, attack, defend, and steal from friends’ cards. If you get party dice, you need to use them in 30 minutes because these party dice will expire eventually. 

Dice dreams party dice

Invite Friends

Invite your friend to an epic and fun journey of dice dreams to earn free rolls. Your friend must join with your referral link using Facebook to receive free rolls. Otherwise, it will not be counted as a successful invite. Play along with them by stealing their money or destroying their kingdom.


Stickers unlock at the third kingdom. Collect strikers by opening packs from the store or win them in events. You can also unlock stickers by restoring each kingdom. Complete sticker sets to earn massive rewards. Each new sticker adds its crowns to your total crowns. 


Send and receive gifts to your friends and earn free dice dreams rolls. Each friend can only send you one dice roll, and to claim that roll, you must use your free spins before accepting it. A total of 100 friends can send you free dice daily.


dice dreams free coins

FAQ Free Dice Dreams Rolls

In the end, I would like to answer some of the common questions about dice dreams daily rewards.

How to get free rolls on dice dreams?

You can get dice dreams free dice rolls by using our daily reward links. You can also look for dice dreams rewards app to claim some dice dreams freerolls.

How to hack dice dreams?

Dice dreams free rolls hack is not an option to cheat, As it will get you banned from the game for using dice dreams cheats.

How do you get free rolls on dice dreams?

Be active on game developer’s social media pages for Dice dreams free rolls link, Facebook, etc. These dice dreams codes will give you free dice for dice dreams.

Does dice dreams free coins link expire?

As all the links for dice dreams free rolls 2021 are expired now. Yes, the dice dreams free spins link expires in a few days.

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