DoubleU Casino Free Chips (Daily Link) Free Coins

Did you run out of DoubleU Casino Free Chips? This article will help you get a lot of DoubleU Free Chips by using our easy guide. We provide you with list of rewards links to get DoubleU Free Coins daily.

We collect all these link from their official facebook and twitter page, so you don’t have to search around for daily gift rewards. Bookmark this page and visit daily to collect your free chips reward.

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DoubleU Casino Free Chips

Here we update all the latest DoubleU Casino Free Chips Facebook links daily. We also remove expired links daily, so you don’t waste your time claiming them.

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DoubleU Casino Free Chips Today

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DoubleU Casino Game mode

DoubleU Casino offers different gaming modes like Rolling, Cupid’s Shot, Werewolf Windfall, Bumblebee Frenzy, Genie’s Magic Zone, etc. It helps you get a free bonanza bonus, Free Chips, and Free Slot games.

Special Features at DoubleU

  • Get More than 100 slots and 3 video poker games with unique features
  • No level-based restriction
  • Every slot machine has its jackpot
  • Free chip giveaway policy
  • User-oriented development and updates
  • Different bonus features:
  • Jackpot Tourneys
  • Live Slotourneys
  • Winner Club

How to get Free Chips on DoubleU Casino?

Here are the 12 other ways by which you can get free DoubleU Casino chips to load your account with unlimited free chips. Here is one more similar game Doubledown Casino Free Chips Promo Codes you can also check out this game.

Welcome Bonus

Get 1 Million free chips as a welcome bonus, including your first daily spins, lucky wheel, and mystery box, which make your total of 2.5 Million DoubleU Casino free chips.

free chips doubleu casino

Daily Bonus

Collect your daily bonus of 200k free doubleu casino chips to reach higher levels quickly. Reach the Level max for 50 spins every day. Daily bonus reset at 12:00 Eastern Standard Time.

doubleu casino daily bonus

Collect seven daily rewards by logging in to the app. Every day the free chips rewards get more significant. You can easily earn 30 to 50 free spins by claiming the bonus without breaking the streak. Then use those spins in the slot machine to get more doubleu casino free chips updates.

Lucky Wheel

DoubleU Casino offers free chips on the lucky wheel every day. You can purchase extra spins for 0.99 USD.

doubleu casino daily wheel

Level bonuses are also added with the wheel bonus. Get extra 30000 free chips by adding 30 friends (1000 chips per friend) and additional 250k free chips from active friends in the last 48 hours (up to 500 friends).

Newbies Freebie Reward

Login to get free bounce rewards daily. And complete three different steps for more free chips. Remember to claim freebies because Newbie freebies reset every day. Get up to 4 Million freebies chips in 3 days.

DoubleU Casino Freebies

Store Bonus

Always check for the store bonus to get free 10000 chips. Store bonus reset every 30 minutes. So remember to claim it for free chips in DoubleU casino before the timer runs out.

Helios Power

You will get more free chips as your Helios power grows. Increases or decreases depending on your bet amount. A higher betting amount means higher Helios Power, which leads you to the opportunity to get billions of free chips.

Free DoubleU Casino Chips

Magic Hat

Super wins from any slot will award you a random Magic Hat. Magic Hat rewards also improve if the betting level is equal to or greater than Helios Power level.

You can add Magic hats to your HAT Collection. You can keep up to 5 hats. Hit your Magic hat to begin revealing. You can reveal only one Magic hat at a time. Magic Hat icon will show your timer from the lobby and slot screen. Check your Hat collections and click your reward to claim. Bigger Magic Hat requires a longer time to reveal. But you will be rewarded better.

Use Magic Wands to open Magic hats instantly. Each wand will remove 10 minutes from the total wait time. You must have enough wands to cancel the entire wait time at once.

Google Review

Get free DoubleU Casino chips by writing your review on the google play store or ios store for the first time, and earn up to 300k free chips.

DoubleU Casino Reward

Mystery Box

Collect your mystery box bonus for free doubleu chips. Pick one out of three mystery boxes to open and win million free chips depending on your VIP Club membership. You will get 3000% more free chips if you’re on higher-level VIP Clubs.

DoubleU Casino Mystery box

VIP Club Membership

There are 16 VIP Club Memberships which reward with VIP Club Points, Mystery Box, Level Up Bounce and VIP Room Access.

BRONZE-Up to120K-x
SLIVER39Up to 200K1Mx
GOLD99Up to 300K3M0
PLATIUM499Up to 400K5M0
SAPPHIRE999Up to 500K10M0
EMERALD1,999Up to 650K20M0
DIAMOND2,999Up to 800K30M0
RUBY3,999Up to 900K40M0
BLACK5,999Up to 1.2M50M0
PREMIER7,999Up to 1.5M80M0
CHARIMAN9,999Up to 1.75M120M0
MOBLE CHAIRMAN14,999Up to 1.75M130M0
ROYAL CHAIRMAN19,999Up to 1.75M140M0
PRESTIGE29,999Up to 1.75M150M0
NOBLE PRESTIGE49,999Up to 1.75M180M0
ROYAL PRESTIGE99,999Up to 1.75M200M0

Bonus codes

Use Bonus codes to get doubleu casino free chips. To redeem free chips code, click on the menu and go to the settings. Then add code to claim your bonus reward.

Jackpot Tourneys

Unlock VIP Room with 99 VIP points and get Exclusively VIP Bigger Jackpots Rewards. You get Magic Hat super Win and VIP Event only for jackpot in additional rewards. If you don’t have 99 VIP points, you can unlock them with a 99.99$ amount.


doubleu casino free chips

DoubleU Casino Free Chips Update FAQs

What are Double U Casino Promo Codes?

Promo codes are same as the daily gifts. You can collect doubleu casino freebies from our today reward links.

Where else can you get Doubleu Casino slots free chips?

Appart from our website, you can also get free chips from gamehunters, slotfreebies or gift exchange websites.

What is Vip Club?

VIP club us a special membership only for DUC players. The higher levels you reach, the more benefits are provided.

How do I earn CIP club points?

Your total purchase is converted into VIP points.

How do I join this club?

There are no requirements at all, and it’s all FREE!

Any benefits of this club?

Level-UP bounce, mystery box purchase privilege and access to the VIP room!

I used to be a VIP member. Any change in my memberships?

It won’t be affected, and you will get even more benefits based on your total purchase.

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