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Match masters is a fun multiplayer match-three-based game. In this game, you play with your friends from all around the world, and your goal is to match up three or more items in a line.

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Match Masters Free Gifts 2024

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More Match Masters Free Boosters

Match masters free daily gifts are the best way to get free match master coins and boosters. Besides match masters free boosters link 2023, there are many other ways to get match masters free diamond boosters.

Welcome Bonus

Collect 100 Free coins when you log in with your Facebook ID. Facebook login gives you many benefits like inviting your friend to play with you and sending or receiving gifts from friends. You can also log in with google or play as a Guest.

Lucky Spin

Lucky spin is also part of the match masters free giveaway. You can spin a wheel in lucky spin to win various rewards such as stickers, chest booster, and free spins. The more you spin, the more you EARN.

match master free spins

Daily Gifts

Match Masters offers daily free giveaway links for their fans on social media accounts. You can follow official social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or the latest giveaway links and items. These links include free boosters, coins, spoons, and other items.

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Stickers are also an excellent way to get some free coins, boosters, spin, and items. You need to collect stickers and complete the stickers albums. The more sticker album you complete, the more level up you gain. There is a variety of different stickers in-game. You get free stickers as you play matches, participate in events, and spin the wheel.

match master stickers

There are different sticker types in a game like Normal, Silver, Gold, and diamond. You can exchange or gift regular and silver stickers, but cannot exchange Gold and diamond stickers at the usual time. 


Each event has its rewards depending on how big it the event is. Take part in events and win great rewards and the best booster and coins. You can play events with boosters and perks to make your chance of winning more, and every event has limited entry. 

You can play matches in events and collect event points. These points are rewarded to different items. Take part in more and more events to get more rewards and level up your game.


If you want to receive Cup points, legendary booster diamond booster, and free coins, you need to participate in tournaments. In tournaments, you can play with eight other players in multiplayer matches, Eliminate your opponents in the match, and get your way to the semi-final and finals rounds. The winner of the tournaments gets eligible prizes. 

match master tournaments

Invite Friends

Inviting friends is also a fun way to play with your friend and earn free rewards. The first ten friends you invite who accept your invite. You get ten great rewards. You will earn rewards when your friend accepts an invite with an acceptance rate of 11 or more.

Match Masters Top Ten Friend Invite Awards

Match masters offers ten gifts for the first ten friend invites who accept your invite; friend rewards increase as you level up your game; a higher level makes the invite reward rare and more significant. These rewards include a free legendary booster, super chest, and coins.


You can make your team and play events and tournaments with the team. Team feature unlocks at 100 points. The team feature help you make new friend in-game; you can send and receive gifts from friends. You can chat with your friend in-game and help each other with the team feature. Also, ask for help or help from your team and friends.

match master teams

You can ask or request free boosters in a team, create a request for help, or help random people. If people help you, you get a requested booster for free, and you can also earn different rewards by completing requests from your team.

Watch ADs

Short video ads feature in match masters offer free coins and booster rewards. Video Ads are available once or two times in day. Watch to earn gifts and you can exchange gifts, if you don’t like them.

Watch ads also allow you to 2x your match earning by watching ads after a match. It also helps you to change your free booster and chest rewards you have won in the match.


Match Masters offers in-app purchases with promotions; these promotions include free rewards and free boosters; whenever you purchase in-game, you get free rewards.

Match masters free coins

What is Match Masters Booster?

Match masters booster is an essential part of the game, which helps you to win different tournaments and games. You need at least one booster to play match masters. There are five different category booster which has 28 different types of boosters.

You can level up to earn a higher booster level or play different events, tournaments, and games to win a free booster. With a high booster level, you can easily defeat your opponent.

Types of Match Master Boosters

These are five different boosters and include 24 category boosters in Match Masters. Every booster has its unique abilities. Here are different types of the booster and their abilities:

Bronze Booster

Bronzer booster is the lowest level booster from beginner boosters. If you lose the bronze booster, don’t worry. You can earn them after minutes, and you can also get a free bronze booster from different events and daily rewards.

Silver Booster 

There are three different categories of sliver boosters. These are also low-level boosters. If you lose them, you can earn them again, but the waiting time is 4 hours. Sliver boosters include Crazy Rocket, Mystery Hat, and Slime,

Gold Boosters

There are six different categories of Gold Booster in Match Masters. These are high-level boosters that help you to make your WIN easy with Gold Boosters, Including Lil Dragon, Laser Beam, Sweep it, Magic Want, Balloon Blast, and Mastermind, 

Diamond Boosters

Diamond boosters have 13 different categories and three different stages. These are called stage 1, stage 2, and stage 3 diamond boosters, and stage 3 is one of the best stages,

You get diamond boosters rewards by playing match masters daily rewards, events, tournaments, and luck spins, 

Here are different diamond boosters: Vinnie Valentine, Colonel Mcquack, Woolly Workout, Foxy Roxy, Doctor Color, El Magneto, Queen Cobra, Butler Bot, All Aboard, Mr. Appleberry, UFO, Crazy Clovers, and High Voltage. 

Legendary Boosters 

There are three types of Legendary boosters: Moneky JOO JOO, Billie Boom, and Mr. Brocco Boogie. These are the best Match masters booster that helps you beat your opponents easily.

Getting a Legendary booster is not an easy task. You even cannot purchase it to make it fairer to the game. You can get this booster by completing different activities and tasks.

You can win any tournament or event with the help of legendary boosters. You play more and more tournaments and complete different tasks to get your legendary booster. 

What are Match Masters Ranks?

The master ranks is a road every player will take into match masters legends league.

When you begin the master ranks, you will go through the ropes accumulating trophies, participating in prize-wielding special events and new modes, and unlocking powerful boosters. 

The master ranks unlock when you reach 3,800 trophies; you will secure that position with every rank you reach. Reaching a new rank will be celebrated by receiving more significant rewards. 

These master ranks aim to get as many trophies as possible and climb your way to glory! Once you’ve collected 30,000 Trophies, you are worthy of joining the legends League.

You’ll be able to collect many gifts and milestone prizes as you progress in the master ranks, so get out there and earn those trophies.

match master free

FAQ Match Masters Free Boosters

Here are my answers to some common questions about match masters darmowe dopalacze.

Will match masters free boosters link 2023 expires?

Yes, daily gift links expire after three days, as all the match masters free boosters link 2021 are expired now.

How to get free boosters on match masters?

You can get match masters free legendary boosters from daily free gifts links.

How to get match masters free boosters hack?

Match masters hack is illegal and will get you in trouble, either by resetting your coins or getting banned.

How to use cheat codes for match masters?

Match masters cheats codes are the same as free boosters reward links. You can claim free coins and boosters from it daily.