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Need Piggy Go Free Dice Codes ? We provide daily reward links to get free Piggy Go dice as well as free coins. We have created a list of all the Piggy Go gift codes available to claim, so you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money on buying dice rolls. All the gifts are collected from the official social media pages like Piggy Go Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter page.

Piggy Go is an online-board game having features similar to Coin Master but with a twist. You need gold coins to progress in this game but the key item is dice rolls. The main adventure in this game is building your villages.

Piggy Go Free Dice 2024

All the free coins are collected from the official social media platform and are safe to use.

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How to get Free Dice in Piggy Go?

Getting Free Dice is easy now and below are the most efficient methods to get free dice on Piggy Go.

Facebook Login Bonus

Connect your existing account with Facebook to get 50 Piggy Go Free Dice Facebook , 1 Million Free Coins, 20 Gems, and 1000 XP. Logging in with Facebook will also save your progress and allow you to receive and send free gifts to your friends.

Hourly Bonus

Always use your Piggy Go free dice codes on the board to be qualified for the hourly bonus. You will get Four Dice every 60 Minutes when your dice meter is empty. These free dice do not stack after a certain amount, so better use them before they expire.

Daily Rewards

Log in daily to get exciting free rewards. You will get better and better rewards if you maintain your login streak. You can get up to 500 free dice in Piggy Go by simply checking in to the game for a month. Piggy Go Daily Gifts reset at 12:00 am UTC standard time.

Gift Dice

Login with Facebook to send and receive free dice from your friends as a Gift. Sending dice to your friends is completely free and it will not be deducted from your personal inventory. You can receive unlimited piggy go free dice on Facebook from friends because there is no limit on Facebook friends.

Brag on Facebook

Share your winning on Facebook to win free dice and free coins. Each time you attack a village or do a grand heist, you can share your winning on Facebook and Messenger to get free dice on Piggy Go.

Invite Friends

Playing games with friends and family members makes it more fun. So start your journey with your beloved one and get rewarded. You will get free dice for each successful invite from your referral link.

Event Rewards

You can also get tons of Piggy Go Free Dice and Coins from ongoing events. Completing these events is easy and you just need to play regularly. Attaching someone’s village or stealing from a grand heist count towards these events. Raid Event has a total prize of 100,000 Free Dice, 596 Million Coins/Gold, and 1.3 Million XP.


Complete your villages to get more stars and earn more free rewards. Each village gives you free dice rolls and gold coins upon completion. You need a bunch of gold to progress through the village.

Card Collection

Complete Card sets in your card collection gallery to get free dice piggy go and other rewards. You can seek help and exchange cards with friends to complete the sets. Heads over to the global chat to trade with strangers for your missing card.

Bank Heist

Swipe gold from other vaults. Loot other players’ gold by looting their vaults. You will only get three chances to choose from four gold bags. Remember only three out of four bags have gold inside.


Turn on the notifications of the game to stay updated about your village attacks. You will also find some good stuff in the notifications.

Vault Key

During the bank heist, look for the vault key in the loot bags. The vault key unlocks the main vault and you will get tons of free coins and gold from it. Don’t forget to post your winning on Facebook to earn free dice in piggy go.

How to Play Piggy Go

Here are some basic things you need to understand to progress faster in the game.

Slot Machine

Try your luck on the Little slot machine. You will get Free Coins and sometimes Free Dice as a Reward.


Unlock new companions when you reach 70 stars. You can also level up your character using the XP potion and doing so will increase your chances to find more gold coins in vaults.

Global Chat

Participate in global chat to trade cards and food for your character. You can trade your extra cards and other items for missing cards in the set.

Super bet

Use super bet to multiply your winning but keep in mind that it will also cost more dice to roll. Create a strategy to use the super bet in your benefits while going for the event hunting.

Blast Friends

Attack your friend or other players’ villages to get a lot of gold from them. Standing on the Attack grid. You can pick up your weapon to defend your homeland and get free gold rewards.

Defensive Shield

One shield can resist an enemy’s attack once and avoid building damage. You can only stack three shields at a time. The number of shields increases as you progress through the game.

RV Go Car

Visit a neighbor’s board and steal their coins by rolling a die on the board. Take your RV to visit your friends and get p iggy go free dice links 2023 , coins, and gold rewards. You can also steal their treasure if you manage to hit the vault.

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