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This page not only provides a free poker heat chips rewards link. But also provide various ways to get free chips in the game. Also, guide you about Poker Heat League and Poker Heat Ring Points system. Bookmark this page to get all poker heat-free chips 2023. You may also like to get some Zynga Poker Free Chips.

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Poker Heat Free Chips 2024

All the free coins are collected from the official social media platform and are safe to use.

How to Get Free Chips in Poker Heat?

Here are some more ways to earn poker heat free chips in 2023

Welcome bonus

As a welcome bonus, you earn free 15000 chips. You can also make a free daily bonus by just login in daily to the game.

poker heat free chips

Hourly Bonus

You can earn an hourly bonus in the game of up to 2500 chips. These can be multiple with your league level and increase up to 200% in value.

Daily bonus

Earn 2,000,000 free chips poker heat as a daily bonus that can be increased in the following days, and earn up to 5,000,000 free chips a day.

poker heat free chips

Facebook Bonus

Play with a Facebook account to earn some extra poker heat free chips facebook rewards and benefits for sending and receiving chips from your friend list.

Invite Friends

Invite your friends to the game to earn more gifts; you can even send and receive gifts from friends. You can earn an extra 10% on all gifts. And send up to 10 gifts daily, which can be increased at the league level.

Spin the Mega Bonus Wheel

You can earn poker heat chips with the Mega Bonus Wheel, which can be unlocked after every 20 Hours. You must play ten poker hands at any stake to activate your spin.

Poker League

Win hands on any table to earn League Points. Every chip you win equals 1 point. Earn More Points than other players in your league to increase your ranking. Finish in the promotion zone to advance to the subsequent division or league.

poker heat free chips

Compete with 49 Players for a spot in the next league.

PLAYOFFS+750% +1500%+750%100
LEAGEND +665%+1210%+325%80
WORLD CLASS+390%+650%+150%50
PRO +175%+340%+30%20
SEMI PRO+125%+230%+20%15

Poker Heat Playoffs

The poker heat playoffs were the best of the best battle it out. You need to play three rounds:

  • Quarter Finals
  • Semi-Finals
  • Finals

Playoffs Benefits

  • Gift Value +750%
  • Special Bonus +750%
  • Gift Limit 100
  • Chips Store +1500%

More Free Chips

How to collect Poker Heat Rings

Wins hands on any table to earn Ring Crowns. Earn all the ring Crowns. The bigger your pots, the faster you earn, Collect the Rings and Claim the grand prizes.

Here all All six Rings Benefits


  • Description: A true Winner’s Character is Forged with fire and Steel.
  • Earn: 1,500,000


  • Description: In life, as in sports, there is only room for a few on the Winner’s Podium
  • Earn: 3,000,000


  • Description: Fury is mighty. When channeled correctly, it is the most explosive form of passion. And they Cannot be genuinely Great without Passion.
  • Earn: 4,500,000

Red Burst

  • Description: A true grand Victory is an eruption of emotion more Powerful than the mightiest of Volcanoes
  • Earn: 10,000,000


  • Description: When you rise from the ashes, there is no limit to where you can soar.
  • Earn: 25,000,000


  • Description: Since ancient times, Aurum, the Latin word for gold, has always gone hand in hand with triumph.
  • Earn: 50,000,000

Playtika Rewards

Get in-game benefits with the Playtika Rewards system. As a welcome bonus, you receive 20 Free Stats Points. Players earn status points (SPs) through gameplay and purchases to receive exclusive in-game benefits and rewards. Players are automatically enrolled for free and earn points from their first game. You can also get in-game benefits with play tika rewards.

poker heat free chips

2022 Kickstarter BonusDecember SPs X 1.3
5% of 2021 SPs
December SPs X 1.4
5% of 2021 SPs
December SPs X 1.5
5% of 2021 SPs
December SPs X 1.75
5% of 2021 SPs
December SPs X 2
5% of 2021 SPs
December SPs X 2.25
5% of 2021 SPs
Coin Packagesx1x1.5x2x3x4.5x5.5happened
Level Up Bonusx1x1.25x1.5x2x2.5x3In
Fan Page & Mailerx1x2.5x4x7x10x15Black
Deal of Funx1x1.5x2x3x4.5x5.5Diamond
Wheel of Funx1x1.5x2x3x4.5x5.5Stays
Status Pointsx1x2x3x4x5x6In
Friends Giftsx1x2.5x4x7x10x15Black
House Giftsx1x2.5x4x7x10x15Diamond
Slots Sneak PeekNoNoYesYesYesYes

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