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Slotomania Free Coins 2024

Claim slotomania free coins daily bonuses from our list below. All the slotomania free coins links 2024 are working and safe to use.

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More Free Coins Slotomania 2024

Reward links are not the only way to get slotomania free chips, there are many other methods to get slotomania free slots easily.

Welcome Bonus

Get 1,000,000 free coins as a welcome bonus when you log in with Facebook Id or google. In addition, get 100,000 free coins from the Sloto store.

Daily Dash

Complete daily bashes to win Dash points, reach new milestones & claim rewards.

  • Complete dashes
  • Earn Dash Points
  • Claim Rewards.

slotomania daily dash

Sloto Store

Get free coins from sloto store rewards every 8 hours. For the first time you can collect upto 100k free coins from sloto store rewards.


A season is a time frame with specific start and end dates. Each season has its unique rewards and benefits to be enjoyed.

Super Dash

Super Dash is a long-term, time-limited mission that is always on. Super dash will be instantly replaced with a new one when completed or expired.

Season Safe

Reach all milestones to convert new Dash points into coins and add them to the Season Safe. Unlock the safe to claim coins when the season ends with Dash Max. Purchase Dash MAX to unlock season safe.

  • 1 Dash = 4,00 Coins
  • Safe Cap: 7,200,000

slotomania season


You can send and receive gifts from friends, get free coins, Mystery Gift and Sloto Cards. More friends equal more daily gifts.

  • Free Coins: 1 Daily Gift per Friend
  • Mystery Gift: 10 Gifts per day
  • Sloto Cards: Up to 5 Friends per day

Sloto Club

Sloto club is a first-class slotomania exclusive experience. Extra benefits include the exclusive game, game mania, sneak peeks, booster special higher club XP, and daily cashback. It would be best to buy a club pass to get these benefits. Reach 10,000 Club points to get Your First 7-Day Pass.

slotomania club rewards

Special Bonus

Get a free special bonus every 3 hours. Remember to collect free coins and rewards every 3 hours.


Booster helps you get your game to the next level with the help of a booster. There are three types of boosters:

  • Mega Bonanza Booster
  • Level Boom Booster
  • Star Dice Booster

Mega Bonanza Booster

When you buy Mega bonanza Booster, you get all wedges on the mega and golden wheels, including the black wedge X2, for three days. You can buy a Mega bonanza booster for $0.99.

  • 100 Club Points
  • 9 Status Points
  • 1HR Power

Mega Bonanza Booster

Level Boom Booster

Get X30 on level up, Bonus on levels ending with 0 get X2 on all other levels up for seven days. You can buy a level boom booster for $3.99.

  • 400 Club Points
  • 36 Status Points
  • 1HR Power

slotomania level boom booster

Star Dice Booster

Multiply every special Bonus with the star dice booster for seven days. Aim for Stars. You can buy Star Dice Booster for $2.99.

  • 300 Club Points
  • 27 Status Points
  • 1HR Power

Status Level SPs

In-game benefits and rewards get bigger and better as you progress through status levels. Check your Playtika Rewards Account to view benefits for each game.

With every in-game purchase or level up, you will earn Status Points. The higher your status, the more SPs you will earn per purchase or; level up. Check each participating game benefits table for more details.

2022 Kickstarter Bonus December SPs X 1.3
5% of 2021 SPs
December SPs X 1.4
5% of 2021 SPs
December SPs X 1.5
5% of 2021 SPs
December SPs X 1.75
5% of 2021 SPs
December SPs X 2
5% of 2021 SPs
December SPs X 2.25
5% of 2021 SPs
Coin Packages x1 x1.5 x2 x3 x4.5 x5.5 happened
Level Up Bonus x1 x1.25 x1.5 x2 x2.5 x3 In
Fan Page & Mailer x1 x2.5 x4 x7 x10 x15 Black
Deal of Fun x1 x1.5 x2 x3 x4.5 x5.5 Diamond
Wheel of Fun x1 x1.5 x2 x3 x4.5 x5.5 Stays
Status Points x1 x2 x3 x4 x5 x6 In
Friends Gifts x1 x2.5 x4 x7 x10 x15 Black
House Gifts x1 x2.5 x4 x7 x10 x15 Diamond
Slots Sneak Peek No No Yes Yes Yes Yes

slotomania free coins

FAQ Slotomania Free Slots

Here are the answers to your questions about slotomania free coins Facebook.

How to get free coins on slotomania?

You can get free slotomania coins without a survey by using reward links. Sometime you can also get 250 free spins slotomania.

Will slotomania coin links expire?

Yes, the slotomania app bonus expires after three days, to be exact. You may have noticed that all slotomania free coins 2021,2020 links are expired.

Can I get 5 million free coins in slotomania slots?

No, we have never seen anything close to that figure. There is no slotomania code available to get slotomania free coins 1 million.

That’s all about the slotomania game. It’s time to share it with your friends and family, so they can also get some free chips.