Solitaire Grand Harvest Free Coins Links – May 2024

Looking for solitaire grand harvest free coins? Don’t worry; we got you covered. You can treat yourself with free coins daily by claiming solitaire grand harvest reward links. This article will go through many ways to get daily free coins and will also provide a list of free coins solitaire grand harvest links.

Grand harvest solitaire free coins is an online card game where you clear levels to grow your farms.

Solitaire Grand Harvest Free Coins 2024

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Solitaire Grand Harvest Free Coins Today

Date: 17 June 2024

Free Coins Bonus

Free Chips x Status Bonus

How to get free coins solitaire grand harvest?

Here are some tips to get solitaire grand harvest free coins daily. Follow some below steps:

  • In-game, you can get Harvest hourly bounce.
  • Find sam the dog in the game and click him to get a free coin boost.
  • Invites your friends to them on Facebook to earn rewards
  • Log in Daily to earn some bonus rewards.
  • Spin the bonus wheel
  • Collect credits while playing the game by choosing the right cards
  • Get free coins by clearing each level.
  • Precise levels with more stars to earn more coins.
  • Maintain your streak to boost the rate at which you get free coins
  • Collect rewards from hoppy the frog
  • Earn crates by looting each field
  • Grow as many crops as possible
  • Play the mini-bonus games that are on offer
  • Explore the golden glade
  • Bookmark this page to get daily free coins from Solitaire Grand Harvest. is always here to provide you with every possible reward link.
Facebook Solitaire Grand Harvest Bonuses

Another great way to earn solitaire grand harvest free coins is to log in with Facebook. Connecting your existing account with Facebook will give you 1000 free coins and save your progress. You can also share your game progress and position with other if you connect via Facebook.

If you invite Friends, you can get a lot of solitaire grand harvest free coins 2022. Here is how to: – First, you have to log into Facebook. – Then, use the Facebook-Button on the main map to bring up the invite pop-up. Confirm it. Then invite your friends to the next pop-up(s).

You will get free credits for each invited friend that a) installs the app and b) also logs into Facebook with their account. Both steps have to be done! Please note that you do not get credits if the friend already has the app and logged in to Facebook before your invite.

Solitaire Grand Harvest Login Bonuses

If you log in daily to the game, then the game reward you with a different free bonus for keeping your solitaire grand Harvest from going. You can also spin the solitaire grand harvest wheel to get more daily rewards to boost your gameplay.

Harvesting Free Credits

You can harvest your fields every hour. Do this to get free credits! Don’t worry; the beautiful crops will fully grow again within 60 minutes of your last Harvest, so you can enjoy looking at your progress. The more fields/crops you have unlocked, the more credits you will receive.

Unlock Solitaire Grand Harvest Power Ups

There are three power-ups in the game

  • Rare (reach level 21 to unlock)
  • Gold (reach level 30 to unlock)
  • Epic (reach level 41 to unlock)

You can unlock or achieve these power-ups by completing different game levels. The more you play, the more you increase your power-up level in free coins solitaire grand harvest.

Solitaire Grand Harvest has three difficulties for each level

To get more free coins Solitaire Grand Harvest, you have to reach three difficulties for each level. Once you hit levels 25, 35, and so on, you can unlock progress rewards consisting of coins and boosters. Three difficulties for each level are:

Solitaire Grand Harvest Free Coins

  • Standard
  • Medium (reach level 25 to unlock)
  • Hard (reach level 30 to unlock)
Solitaire Grand Harvest The Bubble Bonus

Tap any three bubbles to win credits! It is that simple! This feature occurs more often in the higher statuses: E.g., every ten levels in Diamond status.

Tell your friends about grand harvest solitaire free coins .

You get free credits for telling your friends about this game. Just tap the “Tell your friends” button on the main map.

In the next pop-up, please choose the sharing method of your choice. You will get credits once the sharing process is finished. Please note that you will get credits only once per day per channel you share. You will get credits again the next day.

Please remember to like us on Facebook. It is the last option on the list!

How to Play Solitaire Grand Harvest

Your goal is to remove all cards from the playing area.

On the lower end of the screen, you can see a face-up card (the “pile”) and several overlapping face-down cards (the” talon). All cards above these are in the “playing area.”

Tap any card in the playing area that is one higher or one lower than the card visible on the pile. Following in this order or reverse “5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-A” and so on.

If there is no card to play, tap the talon to get a new card on the pile. Check again to see if there is a card in the playing area, one higher or one lower than the card on the pile. If yes, tap the card. If no, tap the talon again. Move all cards from the playing area to the pile to win.

You lose the game if you run out of the cards in the talon before moving all cards in the play area to the pile. If so, a “+5 cards” and an “End game” button will appear. You can get five additional cards and try to finish the level or tap “End game” to retry or go back to the map.

  • Playing each level costs 1000 coins.
  • Tap a card one higher or one lower than the card at the bottom of the screen
  • Give one coin for the correct card. Two coins if next is right, and so on
  • You can build a streak to earn more coins.
  • When there is no playable card, replace the correct card with a new card by clicking on the card next to it.
  • You can also revert your choice for 100 coins by clicking on the rewind button (coins increase each time you revert a card)

grand harvest free coins

Star Rating

Once you have mastered a level, your playing skills are rated:

  • 3 stars = incredible
  • 2 stars = very good
  • 1 star = ok

To achieve a higher star rating, concentrate on two factors:

  • The more cards remain in the talon, the better
  • The longer the streak, the better

If you have trouble improving your star rating, try using wild Cards!

Wild Card

The wild card substitutes for all cards. This means you can play any card from the playing area if there is a wild card on the pile! If you have problems finishing a level or challenge, try using a wild card! It’s also very convenient to extend streaks! The wild card also does not count as a turn on the Bomb Counter.

The Bomb

A bomb is attached to a card. Play this card to remove the bomb. The bomb shows a counter. This counter is decreased by one each turn. You lose the game when the counter reaches zero, and the bomb explodes.

Note: You can use a wild card to remove the bomb from the card.


If you miss playing a playable card, the card will animate. Tap undo to try again. You can then play the card you have missed.

The Purple +X card

These purple cards display a number in an “+X” format. If you uncover such a card, you will get the number shown on the card as free additional cards in the talon, which is very convenient for knowing your next hidden card.

Scrolling Levels

Not all cards in the playing area are visible right at the beginning. Remove the card(s) on the arrows pointing to the left or right to initiate scrolling. By doing this, reach the end of a scrolling level and remove all cards to win.

The Value-Changer Card

A “Value-Changer” card changes its value with each turn. The up-arrows show that the value increases, e.g, an 8 becomes a 9 in the next turn. Down-arrows show that the value gets decreased, e.g a 4 becomes a 3 in the next turn. The color and suits stay the same!

Note: Legend has it that some Value-changers change suit or color. Maybe you can uncover these during your journey.

The Big Card

A mighty card that displays 2 ranks at once. Either an “A & K” or a “K &Q” or a “Q & J”. Such a big card counts as both ranks are shown.

This means that if you have a Q on the pile, you can play an “A & K”, because of the K. You can also play a “K &Q”, because of the K. You can also play a “Q & J” because of the J.

Also, if you have an e.g “Q & J” on the pile, you can play a K or a J (because of the Q) or you can play a 10 or Q (because of the J).

The Ladder

The ladder levels consist of multiple stories. The top of the screen shows a counter with a ladder. You must collect the number of ladders shown to move on to the ladder level. You know that you have reached the top story of the level once the ladder counter disappears and a checkered flag appears instead of it.

The Gold Glade

On the map, tap the wooden arrow in the upper right corner of the screen to enter the Golden Glade. You are now at the entrance of the glade. If you have unlocked more than one crop, you can swipe left or right to see different entrances of the glade. Each entrance represents an unlocked crop.

Tap a wooden sign representing a crop to enter the Golden Glade itself. You can see a pyramid of challenges. If you complete a whole pyramid, you will unlock a special golden kind of this crop that gives you additional free credits with each Harvest.

The bottom row of each pyramid is unlocked for play. You can freely choose the play order of challenges within a row, but you have to complete the whole row to unlock the next upper row. Do this until you reach the top of the pyramid. You will get credits for each completed row.

On this pyramid screen, you can also swipe left or right to go directly to the other challenge pyramids representing the other crops you have already unlocked.

Also, if you have completed a certain crop’s pyramid, this crop will be highlighted in a special way on the main map to celebrate your incredible Solitaire skills.

The VIP Levels

The VIP Levels are a set of boards for very loyal players only. There are 5 different statuses to explore: Timber, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Each status is unlocked automatically once you have gathered enough VIP Points. Timber, for example, will be opened with only 100 VIP Points.

You get VIP Points for completing crops, winning the VIP Bubble Bonus, completing Golden Glade pyramids, purchasing credit packs, and various other activities.

How do you win at Grand Harvest solitaire?

solitaire grand harvest free coins 2022

Here are some steps you need to follow to win every game in Solitaire Grand Harvest

  • Take your time when choosing your next Move
  • In a row, clear as many cards as you can
  • Remove the card on top of the giant card pile when faced with a choice
  • Fill the Harvest crate faster to access the prizes
  • Use the cheaper Pre-Level Boosters when needed
  • Set to reminder for Harvest your crops, so you don’t lose the prize
  • Complete different missions to get some extra cash
  • Don’t invest in the Challenges stages
  • Remember to spend gems


We hope this guide helps you get Solitaire Grand Harvest free coins and how to play and win every game in Solitaire Grand Harvest. Please bookmark this page to get the daily reward link of Solitaire Grand Harvest. If you still have some questions, please feel free to ask in the comment box below.

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