Codes (May 2024) For Free Gems and Coins is the most satisfying zombie-killing game that you will ever play. It has the best combination of skills and strategy gameplay mechanics. You need gems to upgrade your gear and go further on your epic journey of adventure. But these in-game currencies like gems, coins, and energy are not free and sometimes you need to pay for it with real money. But Don’t worry this is where promo codes come to play. These are the gifts that can be redeemed into your account for free rewards/gifts. 

These survivor io codes free rewards are mostly shared on the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In this article we will provide all the codes for Survivor io in one place, so you don’t have to check everywhere. These codes may expire after some time, so bookmark our page or keep checking regularly to claim all the Surviv io codes. Also, check Coins Master Free Spins links.

Survivor io promo codes redemption method is also very easy and convenient. We will be providing you with a step-by-step guide on How to redeem Survivor io promo codes. All the codes are 100% working and tested before posting here. We also remove expired promo codes, So you don’t waste your time claiming them. If there is any working promo code available on the internet, most likely you will find it in our reward list below:

Working Codes 2024

Each Survivor io promo code can only be redeemed once in an account. These codes may expire after some time, So claim your Survivor io free gems and coins while they are still active..

  • GreaterHeat – 100 gems and 30 energy
  • tanabata – 100 gems and 30 energy
  • summerday – 100 gems and 30 energy
  • GraininEar – 100 gems and 30 energy
  • tangtanggpkr – free rewards (NEW!)
  • PlantNow! – free rewards (NEW!)
  • 2023Spring – free rewards
  • kakao10gift – free rewards
  • SpringArbor – free rewards
  • DADA5000DC – 100 gems and 20 energy
  • survivor11 – 100 gems and 20 energy
  • 20challenge23 – 200 gems and ten energy
  • LOVE2023 – 200 gems and 20 energy
  • LUCKY2023 – 200 gems and 20 energy

How to enter Promo Codes in

You need Player ID and Promo Code to redeem free gifts in your account. Here is the step-by-step guide to Redeem Codes in

  1. Go to the settings option by clicking on the menu icon and copy your Player ID: 5172***6
  2. Visit the official Survivor io codes Redemption page:
  3. Type your Game ID and Reward Code along with the verification code.
  4. Now click the redeem button to claim the Free Gift in your Surviv io account.
  5. It may ask for the confirmation dialogue box to confirm your player ID.
  6. After redeeming Survivor io promo codes successfully, restart your game and claim the gift from your mail.

Expired Surviv io Promo Codes 2022

There are some limitations to redeeming promo codes for Some of the special event codes expire after a short period of time. According to our knowledge, these rewards are now expired and can’t be claimed but still worth a try.

Expired codes

  • Survivor2301 – free rewards
  • 20Thanksgiving22  – free rewards
  • mapleleaves  – free rewards
  • halloween31 – free rewards
  • pumpkin – free rewards
  • LNY2023 – free rewards
  • LUCKY2023 – free rewards
  • XMAS2022IO – free rewards
  • LOVE2023 – free rewards
  • SpringArbor – free rewards
  • 20challenge23 – free rewards
  • TV10000VIP888 – free rewards
  • no1zombie – free rewards
  • MOONCAKE – free rewards
  • beryl41 – free rewards
  • namin1004 – free rewards
  • dinter888 – free rewards
  • orange0818 – free rewards
  • stanley234 – free rewards
  • dinter001 – 100 Gems, 5 Energy, 1 Army Key and 5000 Coins
  • akaoni1207 – 100 Gems, 6 Random Design Pack and 6666 Coins
  • et1231777 – 100 Gems, 5 Energy, 1 Army Key and 5000 Coins
  • survivorio811 – 100 Gems, 5000 Coins
  • survivoriotop1 – 300 Gems, 10000 Coins, 3 Random Design Pack
  • oni666 – 100 Gems, 6 Random Design Pack, 6666 Coins
  • 11survivorio08 – 100 Gems, 5000 Coins, 1 Army Key
  • crazyface777 – 100 Gems, 6 Random Design Pack, 6666 Coins
  • 811survivorio – 100 Gems, 5000 Coins
  • yesranger666 – 100 Gems, 6 Random Design Pack, 6666 Coins
  • dinter777 – 100 Gems, 6 Random Design Pack, 6666 Coins
  • 40shuteye – 100 Gems, 6 Random Design Pack, 6666 Coins
  • stanley888 – 100 Gems, 6 Random Design Pack, 6666 Coins

Survivor io Free Gift/Rewards

Here are some bonus tips to get tons of Free Gems, Gold Coins, and Energy in Survivor io. 

Survivor io Free Gems

Gems are the most essential currency to progress throughout the game. Survivor io gems can be found everywhere in the game by completing some simple tasks. Check out the daily shop to get your hands on 90 free gems as well as other stuff. You can easily earn more than 500 free gems in codes daily by just clearing the mission center and event center.

Trials are the most fun and easiest way to get more than 1000 free gems by playing for only a few hours. Once your level is high enough you can easily defeat many trial levels while being AFK. You can play each level on three different difficulties and get up to 400 gems and two evolution keys. There are also mega challenges where you can test your limits and earn bigger rewards.

Free Survivor io Coins

Gold Coins are scattered throughout the map that you can collect while playing the map. The best practice to get the coins is by playing regular map but you can always hop into the gold mine map to dig some extra coins for yourself. Don’t forget to claim your Patrol Earning every 24 hours to free coins and Exp. You can also claim free coins from gold shops depending on your power level. It is always wise to buy up to 100,000 coins (depending on your level) from the gold shop for just 288 gems.

More Free Coins

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