House of Fun Free Coins and Free Spins (Daily Links)

Are you looking for a house of fun free coins? We got you covered because we provide daily links for HOF free coins.

This article will guide you through all the possible ways to get a million free house of fun coins. So, save this page because we update these links daily. We update house of fun free spins reward frequently and even remove expired links with time, so you don’t waste your time trying to claim house of fun coins.

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House of Fun Slots Casino is a online slot machine game. Play over 100 free casino slots games and earn free bonuses. Challenge and compete with your friends from all around the globe.

House of Fun Free Coins and Spins

Here is today’s list of 150,000 free coins for house of fun. Click on the house of fun free bonus collector below:

🎁 New Free Coins Links Daily
🟢 Last Updated 17 June 2024

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HOF Free Coins and Free Spins Today

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Date: 17 June



Disclaimer: This website does not promote any illegal content, all content on this site is provided solely for entertainment purposes.

Other ways to get Free Coins House Of  Fun

There are lots of ways by which you can earn a house of fun free spins and coins.

Welcome bonus

When you log in for the first time, you get 100,000 coins as a welcome bonus. You can increase this amount to 150,000 free coins with a Facebook login. 

Spin Bonus

You get a handful of free coins every time you spin the bonus wheel. So, remember to use it often when it’s available. The free spin bonus recharges every 3 hours.

house of fun spin bonus


Mega Wheel of fun

You get up to 8 million houses of fun free chips from the mega wheel of fun. You get to spin the wheel of fun for free after five lobbies. Every spin adds another black wedge for your next spins.

Super Jackpot

As you guessed by its name, you can get House of fun 150,000 free coins if you’re lucky. Getting a super jackpot is easy; play more games and progress your way to a major jackpot.

Game Challenges

Getting something for free is often less in amount, but you can earn a lot of it the hard way. House of Fun offers in-game challenges. So when you complete the task, you collect special items, rolling fairytale characters, or a specific win. Free challenges may expire, so complete them while they are still active.

how to win house of fun

House of Fun Legends

You get free bonuses, rank up rewards, and hof free spins every time you level up your legend. The amount of free coins increases all the way up to the grand level reward. 


You get numerous free coins HOF by opening chests. House of Fun gives you two free chests to play slots for fun every day. Remember to open them daily because they do not stack. You can also collect chests by spinning, levelling up or purchasing coin packs from the store.

Super Pass & Free Pass

House of Fun offers a super pass and a free pass for exclusive rewards. You win exciting prizes when you progress through the challenges. Super pass is only 2.99$ a month.

Besides a super pass, you can also get free coins bonus by finishing the free pass challenges.


Doing challenges is boring sometimes, but doing it right will benefit you. Complete the quest in your favourite free slots game and get free coins HOF. Most quests are straightforward, as you have to spin the slot machine or enter a tournament.

house of fun quest

Playtika Rewards

Playtika Rewards is a loyalty program for players and a great way to earn extra HOF free coins. Players earn status points (SPs) through gameplay and purchases to receive exclusive in-game benefits and rewards. Players are automatically enrolled for free and earn points from their first game.  If you like Casual game from Playtika then you can also check out Slotomania Free Coins

Playtika Rewards Level

Increase your reward level to get more free coins house of fun. Your playtika rewards level depends on the number of status points earned each year. Players receive more significant rewards and more exclusive in-game benefits by moving up through all seven levels, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Royal Diamond and Black Diamond. For more details, please check the table.

2022 Kickstarter BonusDecember SPs X 1.3
5% of 2021 SPs
December SPs X 1.4
5% of 2021 SPs
December SPs X 1.5
5% of 2021 SPs
December SPs X 1.75
5% of 2021 SPs
December SPs X 2
5% of 2021 SPs
December SPs X 2.25
5% of 2021 SPs
Coin Packagesx1x1.5x2x3x4.5x5.5happened
Level Up Bonusx1x1.25x1.5x2x2.5x3In
Fan Page & Mailerx1x2.5x4x7x10x15Black
Deal of Funx1x1.5x2x3x4.5x5.5Diamond
Wheel of Funx1x1.5x2x3x4.5x5.5Stays
Status Pointsx1x2x3x4x5x6In
Friends Giftsx1x2.5x4x7x10x15Black
House Giftsx1x2.5x4x7x10x15Diamond
Slots Sneak PeekNoNoYesYesYesYes

Status Points (SPs)

Status points determine your status level and in-game benefits. Every time you make an in-game purchase or level up in a participating game, you will receive status points in your account. More the status points you have, the more free coins reward you will get.

How to play House of fun free slot games

HOF offers different free slots, which you can play for free without spending real money. House of fun used in-game coins as a currency to play slot games.

Classic Slots

If you like traditional fairgrounds or vegas slots machines. Then the House of fun offers classic slot machines too.

Video Slots

Video slot games are different and unique and offer a variety of features like reel sizes and pay lines. These free slots provide great fun and an action-packed slot machine experience. 

3D Slots

3D slot games are designed to provide the most immersive slot machine experience. You don’t need to get special 3D glasses to play House of fun. 

Mobile Slots

Install the House of Fun and experience casino fun wherever you go. House of slots includes 300+ Free slots games. 

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House of Fun FAQ’s

Can we get house of fun 200 free spins?

Yes! you can get hof 200 free spins but in special events.

What is house of fun free coins bonus collector?

You can used house of fun free coins bonus to collect coins and spins.

How to get unlimited coins house of fun?

There is no way to get unlimited house of fun coins free coins. But you can get some house of fun slot freebies using our house of fun free coins links.

Can we get house of fun free coins and spins bonus collector?

You can follow our website for daily new house of fun free coins and spins bonus.

Will House of Fun free spins links expire?

Yes, the house of fun free coins 2024 bonus expires after some time. You may have noticed that all hof house of fun free coins 2021,2020 links are expired.

What happened to PeoplesGamezGiftExchange house of fun coins? Shutsdown recently in April 2023.