Wizard of Oz Free Coins 2024 (Daily Links) Free Credits

Wondering where to get wizard of oz free coins ? This is the ultimate place for you to get wizard of oz free credits daily .

Wizard of Oz Slots offers the best experience to play Vegas slots games with the Wizard of OZ characters. Spin to win in fun slot machines.

This guide includes many ways to get free coins wizard of oz slots . We share easy methods to get wizard of oz slots free coins. All the wizard of oz bonus links is legit and safe to use and help you to get unlimited free coins for wizard of oz slots . If you like board games then you may like Match Masters Free Boosters

Wizard of Oz Free Coins 2024

We update the wizard of oz slots free credits list frequently and remove expired links with time. Use these links below to get free massive coins wizard of oz slots .

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More Ways to get Wizard of Oz Free Credits

As promised, here are our top ten methods to get free coins for wizard of oz . We provide quick ways to earn and collect free wizard of oz credits .

Welcome Bonus

Received 15 Million free coins on the first day. Come back each day to collect more significant rewards. Also, complete tasks for special prizes; these tasks are:

  • Spin 10 times
  • Get one big win
  • Win 7.5 Million credits

wizard of oz slot bonus

Hourly Bonus

Collect free coins every hour. You can also get a free streak bonus and a VIP bonus. You can collect up to 6,200,000 free coins.

Invite Friends

Connect your game with Facebook and receive 40 Million free coins. You can also invite your friends to send and receive gifts with your friends.

wizard of oz facebook

Loyalty Lounge (VIP Level)

The loyalty lounge is a new VIP rewards program. Level up your VIP tiers faster by linking all of your accounts. Each game VIP amount contributes to your overall Loyalty Lounge VIP Status.

Loyalty Lounge Levels

We have added two new tiers to the VIP program to reward our highest engaged users, Yellow and Blue diamond.

Here are the levels: Sapphire, Emerald, Gold, Platinum, Ruby, Diamond, Black Diamond, Yellow Diamond, and Blue Diamond.

wizard of oz vip

Loyalty Lounge Points

They are the points you will earn by getting credits, collecting XP, and leveling up in the Zynga Slots games. They’re going to assist you in achieving successive personage status.

As you level up or build purchases, your loyalty lounge points increases; therefore, you’ll be able to have a lot of benefits.

Benefits of Loyalty Lounge status

There are two ways to check the status of your Loyalty Lounge. First, you can see your current position in the main lobby. Click on the “LL” icon in the main lobby to open your Loyalty Lounge overview. See your recent progress and how many VIP points you need to progress.

wizard of oz bonus credits

Lucky Cards

Lucky cards are a new collectible, available for a limited time; collect Lucky Cards to win HUGE rewards by simply playing the game.

You can get Lucky cards in different ways, such as:

  • Spin-on any Machine
  • Card Rarity

Bonus Buddy

A bonus friend is your tiny companion who provides you incredible perks if you actively retain them. You’ll be able to check on your friend any time by clicking on the monkey head to access the most feature dialogue.

Seasonal Challenges

These are more demanding challenges that you will vie for prizes throughout a season finishing a seasonal challenge rewards you with a big credit prize. In addition, each completion of seasonal challenge grants you plenty of ‘Deluxe Points’ that add to attain the prizes meter within the prizes tab.

wizard of oz tasks

Rainbow Rush

Rainbow Rush could be a period weekly competition between you and alternative players on your division leaderboard. These are thirteen divisions within the Rainbow rush. At the end of the promotion zone, reach the top of the weekly divisions to earn more significant rewards.

Horsey Bank

The horsey bank is your bank that fills up with credits after you spin on a machine or complete a purchase. You’ll open the bank by clicking on the horsey icon higher than the Spin button on any machine or above the collect bonus button.

wizard of oz slots

Wizard of Oz Free Slots FAQ

If you have any questions about wizard of oz freebies or wizard of oz credits, you will most likely find the answer below.

How to get unlimited free coins for wizard of oz slots?

No. It’s impossible to get that many free wizard of oz coins, but you can follow our website for daily bonus gifts of wizard of oz slot coins.

Can I hack free credits wizard of oz slots?

No, Hacking is forbidden, and the only way to get wizard of oz free chips is using daily gifts.

How to get free scratchers on wizard of oz slots?

Head over to the wizard of oz casino Facebook page to get the wizard of oz free slots casino scratchers bonus.

Will Wizard of Oz Slots links expire?

Yes, the wizard of oz slots free coins 2023 bonus expires after three days, to be exact. You may have noticed that all wizard of oz slots free coins 2021,2020 links are expired.

Can you get wizard of oz slots cheats?

Wizard of oz slots cheats are illegal to use. You may get banned for using the Wizard of oz slots cheats.

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